Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Group Notes

These are group notes from our talks about the production. We have done mind maps so it can give us more ideas and we have all had different ideas that we have written. The reason we did this is so we could look back on it if we get stuck and if we need any more ideas.

20th Century

These are mordern day images of staging today. You can see the huge difference between now and the 16th century, as we have grown by using many different things. Very famous artists like Pablo Picasso and David Hockney has changed threatre design and has made it a lot better. The big budget plays are all located at the West end now.

Early 20th Century

This is pictures of the early 20th century slowly coming up to the mordern days. In the 1920s Bertolt Brecht was a german
theatre director who believed in a very bare
stage so that the ‘truth’ of the acting was
clear and not cluttered by elaborate scenery.
This was a really big push for show as it is making it more and more mordern.

19th Century

The scenery still looked very architectural and realistic in the 19th century times. The three major scenic trends during the 19th century, especially in Europe, were:A revolt against the two dimensional world of painted canvas
   Historically accurate scenery
   The development of the realistic box set and

Early Stage Sets Of The 16th And 17th Century

Here are images of some royal families that they performed for.

The early first formal stage perfomances in the europe area were perfomed for the Kings, Queens and courtiers in the royal courts and palaces as it used to entertain them.
The best people that could set up the shows was called it as it was a great honour performing infront of the royal family. The shows were built in the palaces grounds so the royal family did not have to move to go anywhere it was all in there own house.

A Brief History Of Theatre Design

Elizabethan Theatre

This is a shakespearain theatre which was made in 1599, when first made it was a typical public theatre space of the 15th and 16th century timeline. When there was plays the audience had to stand up and watch the show.


Images Of Different Performances

This is the image of all the different type of performances I researched on, I put it all together into a moodboard so it would be easier for me to look back at it.