Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Poster Analysis

The tile is in big bold letters, but the reason for the word horror to be bigger than the rest is because we wanted to catch the audience’s eye. The writing is written in red to create a horror death theme as red goes with horror and death.

We have chosen to only have one main image. Many other posters have two or more images but we wanted the audience to focus on this main image as this is the main story of the show. The dark colour of the plant goes with the dark background and red title.

The reason why I and my group chose the colour black for the background is because it the colour black relates to death which makes it scary and it also combines with the title which is red. The reason why wanted to make the poster scary is because we wanted to promote the scary side of the play.


We have written all the information in the same colour as the title so it will also stand out. The reason for this is because this is important information for our audience as they would need to know where the event is and the timings.

Legal Requirements
This is the legal side as we had to put this up so we don’t get into any legal trouble with copy right. We didn’t want it to be big so we put it smaller in the bottom. We did it in white so it stood out as it is written really small.

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