Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Health And Safety In The Theatre

Risk/ Location:                                                    Solution:
Pre Production                                                       Pre Production

-Use of power tools                                               Wear safety clothes/goggles
-Cutting equipments                                              Use cutting Matt's and don't wave it about
-Use of paint or glue gun                                       Clean up spills
-Using the right materials                                     Making sure nothing hurts the actors
-Heavy lifting                                                         Work in groups to help
-Ensure props are safe for actors                      Check the plant see if its safe with the arms

Production                                                               Production

- Stage blackout, tripping or falling                       Make sure use torches in the dark
-Height hazards/ falling of stage                           Make it clear to the cast where to walk
-Props getting lost                                                  Make sure they are all placed in one place
-Moving scenery                                                      Everyone has there own job to do
-Crowd control                                                       Control the tickets and seats
- Fire                                                                        Tell the audience the fire exits

There are many things you need to consider when your holding a event. You need to ensure that you have all the legislation for the audience and your crew. website tells you the health and safety risk and how to solve them. 
This is a example from the website about crowd risk:
RMC's study indentified those physical features of a venue that may lead to overcrowding and possible injury. These include:
  • steep slopes
  • dead ends, locked gates
  • convergence of several routes into one
  • uneven or slippery flooring or steps
The potential for injury increases in some situations. Potential hazards requiring identification and management control include:
  • reverse or cross flows in a dense crowd
  • flows which are obstructed by queues, or gathering crowds
  • large pedestrian flows mixing with animals or traffic
  • moving attractions within a crowd
This shows the problems that may happen so you can always watch out for. Before I started the production I checked this website which told me the problems that may happen so I could aviod them in my production.

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