Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Final Evaluation

Building the set of Little Shop Of Horrors has been a enjoyable experience for me as I got to get involved in everything to do with the production, from the graphics side to making the plant and to helping out on the actual show day. I have learnt that it is little room for error when your work is being showed to a live audience as you need to ensure that everything is safe and everything is flowing perfectly on time. A live performance puts a lot of pressure on you but as you overcome everything and make sure everything is fine so then it can be a really enjoyable time. The timescales and deadlines were very important for the production as we needed the set up as soon as possible so the actors could start rehearsing. The main big plant had to be controlled by someone so we had to make sure that was ready on time for them to try out before the live show. The deadlines are important as you will have a certain day before the live show and people have paid for their tickets so you would have to make sure everything is ready for the show. I have understood a lot about the theatre industry that I didn’t know before as I thought it would be much easier setting up a production but I never realised the deadlines and pressure you are under to meet them. When your work is shown to a live audience it is amazing feeling to see that people like your work and u realise all of the hard work paid off. My main role was the graphics side making sure the posters was ready and the leaflets and also helping building the plant, I think I was really good at meeting my deadlines and with my graphics skills I helped bring a good graphics side to the set. My strengths was my designing of the plant and my poster making as I have used photo shop a lot so I was really good at making the posters fast and at a good quality. Working behind the set on the live performance opens your eyes and makes you realise the hard work that goes into making the show possible. My weakness was probably that I could have put more ideas into the plant and the set as I didn’t give many ideas I just helped to build it at that time.  Overall designing a set is amazing to do and a lot of fun it’s better to be open give all the ideas you got in your head because when you look at the production at the end it looks amazing, if I ever get a chance to help design a set i would definitely get involved and help share my ideas.       

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