Monday, 3 January 2011

New York 1950s Mood Board

This is a mood board and a image of the back streets of New York, the reason I done this is so I could get a feel of the area, its like a brain storm so I would know how to create the set because all the little details will help create a amazing set. This is mi research as this is how the production set should look like, so when designing and painting the set I should look back at the mood board so I can see what style and colours I would have to use. The old school stairs is a key point for the backstreets of New York as this is what I would have to put into the set so I wanted to get a lot of pictures of them so I would know how they look and where I should place them. This helps me get a feel of the 1950s time period so I could make it as real as I can.

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