Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Designing The Set

Here are images of me and my class mates working on the set of little shop of horrors, we worked as a team and made sure everything was perfect. This helped our graphics skills but as I am really good as graphics and I am taking it as A level, so I helped out people who was not to good at it. As we had the measurements for the plant now we could get started on painting the leafs and getting the back of the stage all drawn and painted. We had to mix up different shades of green for the leafs as we wanted a darkish old green which gives it the old look which we was going for, as we done our research to help us. We used bendy wiring to make the leaf shapes then we put paper mache on it to make it hard so we had to let them dry before we started painting them. We painted a lot of leafs but we had to place the leafs on the plant in a good way so it wouldn’t look like a mess. When we was doing the bricks for the back ground we had we make sure we didn’t leave massive gaps in between so we had to measure the space we left, also we had to mix a lot of colours of brown to get the right old type brown which will go well in backstreets of New York. We done a lot of research on the set of other productions for Little Shop Of Horrors so we knew what kind of style we had to do and how other productions painted the plant we wanted to get it right so it would look real.

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