Monday, 3 January 2011

Different Jobs In The Theatre

Theatre Director
A theatre director is a practitioner in the theatre field that oversees and orchestrates the mounting of a theatre production. They make sure everything is running fine they would have to make sure the budget is looked after as they would have big responsibilities. The director’s function is to ensure the quality and completeness of theatre production and to lead the members of the creative team into realizing their artistic vision of it.
A producer is someone that is responsible for overseeing and virtually mounting a production together. They would have been the person who found the script and got the whole ball rolling for the play, as the producer would be the person who finds the director. For example a theatrical producer would be responsible for mounting a theatre production together.


A designer is a person that designs things. A designer could be someone that creates things such as games, graphics, buildings, objects, laws etc. they would control the set and make a verision that the director and producer wanted, they would make sure everything is perfect as the often would have a MFA degrees in theatre arts.
Lighting Designer
The role of a lighting designer or known as a LD is to work with the director, set designer and costume designer to create an overall lighting set for the appropriate scenes and text in the show. They would have to make sure that the lighting goes with the play they would also have to see where the actors are standing and put light on them so the audience can see them, as lighting is a big part of the theatre.

Musical Director

A music director is someone who directs the music. This means that they could be the leader of a orchestra or even deciding what music will go into a film or a show. They would make sure the music goes with the theme at the time and make sure everyone is working together on the music side.
Stage Manager
A stage manager is someone that organizes and coordinates a theatre production as there are overall reasonability is to make sure everything on the stage is running smoothly. This means that before a show they make sure that the sets are all full prepared and all props are ready to be taken onto stage without them no one on the stage will know what is going on.

Stage Crew
The stage crew is a group people that help the stage manager with his work with preparing the stage with him and taking his orders that he tells them to do.
The choreographer is the person who would sort out and come up with a dance and would tell the actors where to dance as at some places the audience may not be able to see the dancers so they would have to make sure people can see them on the stage.

Prop Master

The prop master is the person in charge of the prop and he would make sure what props to buy for the set and he would be looking after the cost of the items.
Construction Manager
The construction management is the person who designs the whole construction like if they would have to build things for the set like a stairs they would design it and would have to make sure they meet deadlines and they are ready.
Dresser/Wardrobe Assistant
The role of a dresser is to make sure that the actors have clothes to wear which will fit the theme of the play like if it was a old play they would have to get them older clothes and also they would make sure they have makeup and hair all done.
The job of a publicist is to advertise the production make sure people come to the play, sort out how much they would be selling tickets for and they would design leaflets and posters so people would know about the play.

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