Monday, 3 January 2011

Mood Board Evaluation

The reason why I created a mood board for my 1950s New York and scary plant images because it helps me with my visual images so I could use images from the mood board for my final idea, it’s like a little brain storm of images. It also helps me with design inspiration so I would have good ideas for other work. When I was searching for my theme scary plants and building images I used Google images and I went on advance options and made sure I got a certain size image and made sure they was clear so I wouldn’t waste time on images I don’t need so its straight to the point. When I was searching for my images I made sure I was clear with want I wanted. My mood board really helped me with my design of the set as I kept looking back at my mood board for ideas so it really helped me I also used images from my mood board for my other work like the posters. I didn’t get random images and placed them down on the paper I got certain colours like for the plant mood board I got a lot of green images and placed them next to each other as it goes in with the plant mood. With the New York mood board I used dull black and white colours as it creates the old street mood and over lapped some of the images as the main big ones stand out. I had to make sure I got the right images for my mood board and I to edit them so they stuck down on my page. I think mood board is the best thing to do before you start a project like this because it really does help you open your eyes as you may forget some really good ideas but looking back on the mood board it would make u remember.

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