Wednesday, 5 January 2011

More Research

I went to research on how I would make the plant, the small hand one to start with and the big human one for the end of the show, as there are different stages of the plant. I also went to see other posters that were made for other professional show for Little Shop Of Horrors, as it was a good guide line for me as I could see what the main things I should add. The hand plant is made out of a sponge as he has drawn the outline on the sponge and then cut it out so I could paint it. I have kept the tools in the picture so you could see how we made it; we had to make sure that it could fit into some ones hand so they can move it. The normal small plant one was easy to make as I put it into a pot and added the sponge one in. We painted it green and a bit of red on it for the blood, the big one was hard to make as it had to be human size. After we got the measurements it wasn’t too hard to make as we just needed to get rubber pipes and stick them together for the big mouth, after that we had to paint it the right colours for the production and then add the leafs on it. The research helped us to build the plants as no one was sure where to start and what materials we should use to create it. Also watching the actual show production it helped us understand what we should put into the plant as we understood the whole story and what happened which helped us paint and create the whole set and plant.    

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