Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Designing The Plant

We had to place someone on the table to check the size of the plant so we could fit someone into the plant to control it, so Khurum offered for us to draw around him. We had to take measurements and draw around him, to make sure there was enough room and it was going to be safe in the plant. We had to draw around Khurum in positions, like sitting up and laying down to make sure that our measurements were right when we were building the plant. We had to make sure that Khurum was stayed as still as he could when we was taking the measurements. After taking the measurements we started to draw the bases of the plant, so we had to draw the leafs and the whole plant face so it could fit around the measurements. It was important to make sure that every measurement was right as someone would be in the plant controlling it so we had to give them enough room to move about but still make it look real. After sorting out the measurements it was started to get easier as we had a bases and we knew what we had to work around and how much space we had.

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