Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Helping Out At The Production

Monday 8t March 2010:

On the first night of the production I went to help set up the production and help backstage. I had to make sure that everything was set up the stage was all ready all the objects on the stage was placed where they are supposed to be. I had to help set up the chairs for the audience members and make sure every seat had a booklet that we made for them to read during the play. When the audience members started to come in I went behind stage to make sure that actors are all ready and helped them put on their clothes, and make sure that the person who was going to be in the plant was all ready. When the show started I helped to clear the stage when the lights went down and I helped doing the curtains. Working backstage I really didn’t get to see much of the play but I had a big role of helping everyone to make sure the play was running smoothly. The actors looked perfect how they was dressed and really matched the theme of the production. After the play was over I heard loud clapping from the audience members which showed they enjoyed it, after the audience members where all gone I helped clear up and make sure everything would be set for tomorrows show. I think the first night was really good as I could see the audience enjoyed it I just wanted to see how the next night will be now.  

Tuesday 9th March 2010:

Tuesday was the last night of the show and all the tickets were sold out, I wanted to work at the front door so I could take the tickets in so when everyone is inside I could come and watch the show. I had to make sure that everyone that came in had a ticket and I had to ensure no one from different schools tried to come in. there was a lot of people coming to watch the show so I was excited myself to finally see the production that we made. After everyone was in I sat at the back to watch the production, I really thought we did a good job with the back ground set as it had really good detail. The actors was amazing and the play went along smoothly, when I was watching the show I could tell the audience really enjoyed the show and I asked a few people what did they think about the background set they go it was amazing as you got the perfect backstreets for old school New York for the play. I was really happy people enjoyed my work and it feels good that you helped made that production with the excellent detail. The biggest hit was the plant and how it moved the audience really loved it and the detail that was put in. Overall I think both nights was a big hit and I would definitely get involved in another production and help out.

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