Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Peter Wexler

My professional set designer that I have done my research is Peter Wexler, who was born in 31 October, 1936 in New York. He studied painting, photography and design at the University Of Michigan’s school of Architecture and design.  Peter is married to Emmy who is an award winning costume designer. Peter Wexler works is very well known, his work has appeared in many magazines like, Opera News, Saturday Review, Theatre Crafts and Theatre Design.

Images of Peter Wexler work
Many of his models and drawings been exhibited in a one-man show at the Wright-Hepburn-Webster Gallery, New York City, in 1969. He has been involved in many productions like Cleopatra Shakespeare festival. He has been around all around the world and done productions in different countries and a lot of his productions are very big. He has done a lot of outdoor production festivals, musical ones and a lot of his been work is being held in exhibitions in New York.  Peter has received many awards over his time for best design in Los Angeles best designer play.


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