Monday, 3 January 2011

Scary Plant Image Research

This is my research for scary plant images as I have checked on Google for different images which will be the best for our poster. I put in scary plant images in Google to find the best images for my poster; I wanted to see which one would be scary but also have the write colours to match my title, I clicked advance search so all the images I could was the size I wanted and wasn’t blurry. I have also ripped the images up so I could lay it out in a different way on the poster, with quotes from the production on there to get more of a feel of the plant images. I had to make sure that I found the right image so I did a lot of research to find the best plants, so when I am making my poster all I have to do is pick the best images I have and put them on the poster. Without this research I wouldn’t understand the type of plant I wanted and it wouldn’t go right with the play but as I done mi research I have taken time and made sure they connect with the theme of the production.

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