Monday, 3 January 2011

The Whole Groups Final Finished Poster

This is our poster all finished we all went to Miss Jones with our posters she goes they are all great but you lot should sit down as a group and pick the best parts of each posters and put them all into one, so we did as you can see my image of the plant was picked. We worked as a group and created the best poster for the show. We added in the licensed part at the bottom which allows us to sell the leaflets and we added all the dates and important information so the audience members would know what is going on during the show and what the show is about. We photo shopped some blood coming down the page to give it the scary image and added another plant and a main character if you open the booklet so it would attract members of the audience more to read it. After the show I asked a few audience members how they found the booklets and was they helpful, a mum called Mrs.Dhillon said “The booklet really helped me understand the play and I liked the colours you used to keep it dark like the theme of the play and it was a fantastic play.” This is positive feedback as the booklet was a lot of help to the audience.  

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