Monday, 3 January 2011

Feed Back From Audience

After the play was finished I wanted to find out what the audience thought about the set, so I asked a few parents. Mrs Bansal came to watch her son in the show I asked her what she thought of the set, “It was very professional looking for a student production. The lighting and sets made it look very convincing”. This is really positive as they enjoyed our set.
I wanted to see what a student would say about the play so I asked this young girl called Amrit, I asked her what did she think of the musical, “I wish I had known it was gonna be that good, I would have auditioned for a part. It felt like a professional musical”.
I went to go find Mr Edwards head of our 6form he watched the show so I thought let me ask him what he thought of the show,
he props and background were impressive, especially the giant plant and how it got bigger and bigger in each scene, that was the best bit. It really looked like it was eating people”.
This is great feedback from the audience as everyone we asked told us they enjoyed it and also people really liked the set at the back which makes us know we done a good job, after all the research and work we did it all paid off.
I asked Mrs Bhullar a few questions after the show

1. Did the show live up to your expectations?

I did not think the play would be as good as it was, I really enjoyed it I liked the acting and the set looked amazing, my son was in the show I really liked it.

2. Did the music go well with the production?
The music was good I liked how it was it was scary and tense as it went with the theme of the production.

3. Do you think the scale of the props worked well on stage alongside the actors?I think the prop was excellent and it went well with the actors as they was dressed old school type which went with the old street type background.

4. Was the background clear enough to show the locations throughout the production?
Yeah I could tell it was old New York backstreets with the old stairs and the old bricks it looks like you lot worked really hard on this set and it paid off.

5. Did you enjoy the show?Yes I enjoyed the show I defiantly come again to see another show if they are all like this one.

6. Was there anything you were particularly impressed with?
I was impressed with my sons acting and also the background was really good and the lighting was really good when the mood changed so did the lighting.

7. What would you improve?
I really cannot think of nothing to improve I thought it was a great show

This is positive feedback from Mrs. Bhullar, a lot of the people enjoyed the show and loved the background of the set. When I was inviting these people they loved the whole show and all said they could come again if there was another play like this.

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