Monday, 3 January 2011

My Final Poster Idea

This is my final idea for the poster I have put all my research into it and put all the information we need to show, that Miss Jones told us to. We had to add the licensed part as it gave up permission to use Little Shop Of Horrors as a leaflet, I used the colour blue as it made the writing stand out and also the colour of the back ground went with the colour of the title. I have chosen the best image and best writing for the poster from my research. I made sure that the date and time of the production was clear and also the venue where the production will happen. The image I used was the image of the plant going to eat the human I think this was the best picture was it looks scary and also its linked to the theme of the production.  I picked the writing type that I got of Google that I made as this was the most scariest and the most clear, which stood out. Miss Jones really liked my image of the plant I used as she said it stood out and went really well with the play and also she liked the type for the titled I used although she goes you should combine your ideas with your other graphic members and make another poster with all your ideas in there as we all have good ideas.  

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