Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Model Set

 The images I used to create the model set, I had to cut out templates.

These are model sets me and my partner made for the production design. The reason why I have created this is so I could see what the set would look like on the main stage and where I can place objects on the stage. I created it 3D so I could see where the room is on the stage. I used the backgrounds of these images to create the set, I used brick walls and the checker to create an old stage feel as it goes in with the 1950s New York style. I stuck the images on cardboard paper and some images I had to be a bit of painting and create a bin and a box. If you see the production you can see the images from my model set on the actual school play set. The little model set really helped me picture the set so I knew what would go where and I knew what objects I had to create.   

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