Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Client Meeting

My client was Miss Jones as she is in charge of the little shop of horrors play as she is the head of the drama department, she controlled which acts would be in the play and she came to use to make us provide the set design and posters. We organized a meeting together so we could take notes, so we would know what our client would want in the play. I chose to set up the posters as I used my graphics skills, as a group we all came up with different ideas. In my meeting with Miss Jones I showed her a poster idea for everyone to see which will attract people to come to the show. We also asked her questions about the show what we can or not do and told her ideas we had. Miss Jones said our work all had great ideas and she said we all should put it together in one poster and show her again. Working as a team we came up with the perfect poster design, it really didn’t affect us to much as we all worked as a team to make sure part of everyone’s work was all together in the poster. It was important to discuss the ideas with Miss Jones as she is the client and we are working for her as a team  and also sharing ideas was great so we could create a great play. She told us the price of the tickets and licensed writing that we had to put under our posters, to allow us sell Little Shop Of Horror posters. 

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