Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Introduction To Task

This unit we all was asked to make props for the play Little Shop Of Horrors and set it up in the 1950s time like the play Little Shop Of Horrors. We was all set up in different groups the group I choose to go into was graphics which covered the leaflets tickets and many other things.

The task we are going to do is the play of Little Shop Of Horrors we will have to set up the play the plant leaflets and everything. The group I am in is graphics which is in charge of making the tickets and the leaflet so people can see the show is coming on and see the dates it is showing and attend it.

We had a meeting with Ms Jones head of drama and she is in charge of the play, we showed her our ideas and our own leaflets she goes put them all together to make one because she liked all of our ideas. So we put all our ideas together to make our finial piece which Ms Jones liked, she told us to make sure all the information was on the poster she helped us step by step to make sure everything was right.

With my graphics group we discussed what ideas we was going to put in the leaflet who’s title writing was the best and who’s picture was best and we put it all on Photoshop and put it all into one leaflet and printed of about 30 copies put them up around the school and handed them out to students so they could come to the show.

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